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Contribution of Mr. Pawan Kumar Sipani in 5G Deployment

  • After tiresome work of years around building and deploying 4G LTE Technology in different parts around the globe and being successful in achieving so, Pawan Kumar Sipani has been allocated with another arduous task of the research, development, and deployment of another new-age technology that would be changing the lives of the humankind forever. If there were any other people in place of Pawan Kumar Sipani, he/she would have demanded some rest for sometime after working day and night in the deployment of such a massive project like LTE Technology, but the love, zeal, and passion towards work in the field of Telecom Industry had no match with rest for Pawan Kumar Sipani as he welcomed the new project with both hands. As like him, his team members were equally passionate about starting something new and solving further problems to make the lives of humankind easier and comfortable; they began their journey for the endowments in the latest field of the telecom industry, 5G Technologies. In this particular blog, we will be going through the critical achievements achieved by Pawan Kumar Sipani and the Team on their Journey of 5G Deployment until now and how 5G Technology, if successfully implemented, can be a breakthrough for the human race. But before getting into it, let’s once have a quick look into what precisely 5G technology is and how it is different from its predecessor.


What is 5G Technology?

  • 5G is the fifth generation of the mobile networks, with 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G being its predecessors. With a 5G network, we would be enabled to virtually connect everything, including machines, objects, and devices. 


  • 5G wireless technologies are being developed to deliver higher speeds in GBPS, low latency, higher reliability, more capacity, and constant connectivity among users. Unlike its predecessors, 5G would be able to impact every industry and will be able to expand the mobile ecosystem into different realms.


Empowering Comfort Through 5G Deployment:

  • Although 5G technologies have many benefits and in all terms very much superior compared to its predecessors, the process of deployment to be made in it is no mean task, but Pawan Kumar Sipani and team so far have managed to overcome all the obstacles that came in their way and have made very significant progress in it. Let’s have a look at some of the critical achievements being achieved by them until now:


  • E2E setup for 5G acceleration program:

–     To be able to understand the 5G network requirements deeply and to be capable of providing more competitive 5G solutions to meet the business needs of the concerned operator, Pawan Kumar Sipani and Team indeed needed to provide an end-to-end 5G system that could meet the requirements of the operators. And they didn’t disappointed, with their powerful R&D abilities, they were able to create an E2E setup that would provide operators with completeness and maturity of 5G solutions which in the long-term would have an impact on the overall performance of 5G networks and accelerated growth for the development of operators. With this complete E2E setup, operators were capable of running accelerated 5G programs in some of the concerned regions as a part of their testing phase.


  • Finalizing 5G Network architecture and Software feature testing:
  • The key to being able to implement a 5G network as early as possible successfully was to be able to co-exist it along with the presently available technologies. As developing and deploying new network technologies takes a hell of a lot of time, Pawan Kumar Sipani and Team were in desperate need to finalize the 5G architecture based upon the previous ones, and that itself was the major obstacle on their way, which they expertly handled with their expertise and knowledge and made an architecture that was vastly improved upon the previous ones and one that provides much better security. With finalizing architecture, Pawan Kumar Sipani and Team also have gone through proper software testing of 5G architecture and its networks so that once it is deployed in various regions, it doesn’t cost trouble to operators or the common people. 


  • Implementing Best 5G Digitalized Tool and Planning of 5G launch City-Wise:

–     After being successful in the E2E 5G setup, the architecture of the 5G network, and thorough testing, the next goal in front of the Pawan Kumar Sipani led team was to be able to implement the strategic launch of 5G networks with its dedicated tools in a phase-wise manner in different cities. They began their journey towards its and have successfully managed to launch 5G networks in various cities of different nations and to continue their efforts to make 5G a full proof technology through their R&D and to reap the benefits from it like never before to make a positive impact on the lives of the people.


Future Use Cases of 5G:

  • 5G as a Technology has an exciting future ahead for us. With higher bandwidth and faster throughput, 5G will act as a significant driver in the advancements of IoT applications. Today, also with the speed and bandwidth available around us, IoT has made remarkable advancements to make a positive impact on the lives of human beings. Let’s take a deep look into what exactly IoT is and what can be the future use cases when 5G and IoT are combined. Before having a glimpse into what our use cases are, lets first understand what exactly IoT is:


  • While the details get complicated, the general idea of IoT is quite direct: its technology in the environment around us interacting with other technology and with us, creating a “smart” environment. Basically there are three categories or levels in which elements of IoT system fall into:




  1. Hardware 
  • These are the actual gadgets and items in the home or field that sense, gather, route, and activate upon the information they get. Traffic and data management hardware like gateways, routers, and servers, along with Sensors and other endpoint gadgets, are used as IOT equipment.


  1. Firmware
  • The product comes on an IoT gadget and permits it to send, get, and measure information. Firmware can likewise control the actual device or direct it to accomplish something. Pretty much every associated gadget incorporates firmware, from endpoint sensors to doors and servers.


  1. Connectivity
  • This final layer of IoT is essential—it’s how the “things” converse to each other and stream information to a server or the cloud. Connectivity means a varied networking option such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular, each suited to particular use cases.



  • Now let’s take deep dive into what combination of 5G and IoT has in store for us in the future:


  1. Autonomous Vehicles

–     Self-driving cars running on the roads in total proportion might still be a dream which we are far from achieving, but the primary reason for it being not reality is the network bandwidths and power it needs. Since 5G seems to be having quite effective results in transmitting data between moving objects in a real quick time, it might prove to be the primary driving force with it comes to autonomous vehicles network as it is able to deliver a massive amount of information needed between the vehicles.


  1. Application in Making of Smart City

–     Another exciting and most awaited use case of 5G is its application in the making of Smart Cities. All countries are currently experimenting and exploring different ways through which traffic congestion can be reduced, improve safety, and more efficiency in public transport. Smart Sensors developed with the usage of IoT can transmit data quickly with the use of 5G and send significant traffic, security alerts to the concerned personnel.


  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

–     5G works with a low latency rate in comparison to its predecessors, which would mean AR and VR applications can be more mesmerizing and far more interactive. In the business domain, what this could bring is having AR meetings where imagine two people have a forum where they would be feeling like sitting just next to each other and having a meeting replacing those old boring 2D meetings.


  1. 5G Enabled IoT Applications for Drones
  • As of today also Drones are being used in various places with existing technology but majorly in filming and photography. But the correct implementation of 5G with IoT, we would be able to push the limits of the drone that exists today, especially when it comes to range and interactivity.


  1. Industrial IoT Usage

–     Businesses around the globe are already making extensive usage of IoT sensors for the purpose of monitoring performance, understanding data more accurately, optimizing production, and logistics and asset tracking. The low latency and more bandwidth capacity of 5G will only advance and streamline this current ongoing process, especially for the operation of Asset Tracking where businesses would be able to keep a more careful watch on their assets with the help of fast data transmitting services of 5G sitting miles away from the location where their assets are being used.


  • In the light of Asset Tracking, to better understand this use case let’s know a real-life problem that has been resolved with expertise by Mr. Pawan Kumar Sipani. Real-Time Asset Tracking refers to following the development of a resource as it happens, so you as a company know its whereabouts consistently.




  • Back in the last decade, a multi-national soft drink company was facing a significant issue of resources shortage in some of the countries where they were doing business. The problem in front of them was that even by supplying sufficient quantity that was needed for the sales of the resource, the profits were not upto the mark as it should be as per the resources provided. The problem area here was that some of its resources were being stolen away during transport. Looking at this crucial issue and understanding its priority, it was needed to solve it at the earliest. That’s where Mr. Pawan Kumar Sipani played a significant role in setting up an asset tracking system through IoT to maintain transparency for the authorities sitting abroad. What Mr. Pawan Kumar Sipani did was use IoT Sensors and Asset Management Software to track things automatically. Resources to be followed were appended with Sensors, which consistently or intermittently broadcast their area information over the internet; the software then, at that point, shows that data for the stakeholders to see. The different sorts of IoT asset tracking systems work in the manner by which the area information is sent, through GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular networks, and the whereabouts of the resources and the person who is handling them can be known consistently to the stakeholders.


  • This way, Mr. Pawan Kumar Sipani gave an ideal solution for the asset tracking problem faced by a primary soft drink multi-national company. With sensor innovation has progressed to where the expenses are meager, the most significant cost presently connected with IoT resource following is Internet availability, for which also Mr. Pawan Kumar Sipani is working pretty hard over the successful implementation of 5G Networks at its total capacity.



Final Words:

  • Pawan Kumar Sipani Led team is working on a full force to fasten up the deployment of 5G networks on more comprehensive geographical locations with their aim being able to connect the entire globe via fast and secured networks to let each industry pave the way into the digital era to scale up their business opportunities and revenue generation on another level. With proper 5G deployment through the coming years, people would be able to experience new immersive things such as AR and VR with low rates and more uniformity. 5G accelerated growths will also pave the way for IoT-related applications like Alexa, Google Assistant to be able to do more things and give more comfort to the people. To be able to meet all these requirements, an organized plan with goals and strategies is already put in place by Pawan Kumar Sipani and the team, on which they are working rigorously to accomplish it successfully. 



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