Customer Delivery Manager, Nokia Myanmar
Client: Spark NZT, New Zealand 1St June 2021–Till Date ,Client: Ooredoo Myanmar, 1St July,2019–31st May-2021
Project Director, Nokia Philippines
Client DTAC Telenor, 1St July,2018–31st Jan 2019 , Client Smart, 1St Jan,2017–31st June 2018
Head of Projects, Nokia Indonesia
Client Smartfren, 1st April,2016–31st Dec 2016 ,Client Hutchison (H3I), 1St Jan,2015–31st Mar 2016
Lead service Business Manager, Project Director, Sr Project Manager - Nokia Kenya
1St May,2011–31st Dec 2014 Client Airtel (DPE/DPM Model), Viettel, Korea Telecom, Afrimax
Sr Project Manager, Project Manager, Field Manager and BSS Consultant, Nokia India
1St Aug,2005–30th April 2011 Client Airtel
MSC Engineer, Saudi Telecom
18th April 2005 – 31st July 2005
Assistant Manager, Idea Cellular (Birla AT&T)
4th Feb 2002 –17th April 2005
HW/SW Engineer, P2F Technology
1st July 2001 –31st Jan 2002


Pawan Kumar Sipani is a Customer Delivery Manager at Nokia, Myanmar.

Pawan Kumar Sipani comes from a small rural place in northern India called Udairamsar in Bikaner District under Rajasthan state, he came to Silchar, Assam as a 19-year-old boy from Bikaner Rajasthan.

After searching for numerous top engineering colleges, his destiny took him to Silchar where he took admission to the National Institute of Technology.  

As Pawan Sipani left college, he understood a lot of things he couldn’t as a fresher, he took with him a million moments filled with joy, sadness, happiness, and especially nostalgia, I believe in myself now, I know my strengths and weaknesses,

Pawan Sipani began his journey with P2F Technology, then joined Birla AT&T (Idea cellular), Saudi Telecom, and is finally working in Nokia, India and that’s the biggest change he experienced in his life, Pawan Sipani got the opportunity to be a part of first 3G network deployment in Mumbai, India.

Pawan Kumar Sipani is a Recognized professional with a Distinguished Career, Multicultural teams Management on large Programs for leading cross-functional and cross-company transformational programs across Africa, Middle-East and Asia for Deployment and Managed Services there are deadlines, and going the extra mile is the result of his 20+ years of experience in Telecom Industry. Pawan Sipani has travelled to more than 30 countries.

Pawan Sipani has held many positions throughout his Career in Operation Manager, Program Manager, Project Director, Lead Service Business Manager, Field Manager, Hardware/Software Engineer, and BSS Consultant. Some of his prominent learnings from his personal and professional experiences have been as follows

Pawan Sipani can very successfully create, scale, and optimize every project:

 –  He has put his work at the centre of all that he does.

 – He has excelled at the execution of big ideas with given constraints.

– Get work done without compromising on the quality

Pawan Sipani can align, lead and very well grow world-class teams from 10 to 600 people.

– He loves to win, but helping the team win gives him way much greater joy

 – He tells great narratives that motivate

– Pawan Sipani has always said, ‘The buck always stops with me’

Pawan Sipani Educate, Refine and Drive himself to be a Better Person

 – He is constantly learning because he never settles

– He can stay calm when faced with adversity

 – He can focus on making high-quality decisions

Now he has been working on a 5G program in New Zealand and launched LTE in Rwanda, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar. he still remembers that digitization happened when we started 3G and is proud to say that led to 3G deployment in India, Kenya, Uganda, CongoB, Madagascar, Malawi, and Zambia. He has completed cloudification and IoT project for various MNCs.

As the whole field of Telecommunication continues to expand at a rapid pace, people are going to feel a huge impact of the new technology revolution. Designed to have faster speeds, larger capacity, and reduced latency, 5G is expected to be the key for innovation in tomorrow’s future. In particular, increased speeds can open new opportunities in public safety and business. This new technology will have a positive impact on society as well as economic growth.

Pawn Sipani, Enjoy Meeting New people and Hearing New Perspectives. And everything about Cricket

He is culturally aware and works well with all levels, he is conversant in English and Hindi speaking and is easily able to adapt to any given environment.

Pawan Sipani now lives in a happy family of 4 people, including 2 of his young daughters and his wife.